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Welcome !

What this is all about ?
This is promotional blog, which main purpose is to acquaint fans from around the world with a history of Ukrainian scene and to present an old, rare and new material, currently unavailable and available in the official sales.
The main thing is to promote and make the bands known !

Want to see your band here or not ?
Email me if you are interested in looking for a way to promote your latest demo/promo or album recording and would like me to post a review and download link on this site.

I don't wanna hurt any bands.
If your records are here (or those for which you have rights) and do not want them here, please. I will remove.

Problem ?
If you see any broken link, please report, for the respective reupload !

Want to send me the link ?
If you want send me a download link, it's appreciated, but send it by e-mail for the respective moderation.

Want to help? Write!
I need uploaders for my blog, if you want support me your uploads contact me at my email address !

Remember !
The music shown on this blog should be removed from your computer within 24 hours after downloading !
Thanks for your support !

Ukrainian Metal Archive (blog) will only feature demo/promo/album/ material received directly from bands/labels or material which is already freely available : on the band's site and forums or other resources ...