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Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Genre : Atmospheric/Gothic/Doom Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Khmelnitsky
Formed in : 2008
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Lana Polevnichaya - Vocals
Slava Kuz` - Vocals 
Dmitry Merva - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Music
Petr Minaylo - Bass
Andrey Porkhun - Drums

Notes :

The Band was organized after the collapse of Melodic Black Metal band “Dark Sirius”.
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Biography :

Biography of the band begins from the time when Dmitry Merva and Valentine Grigorev decided to play Gothic Doom Metal. Having invited Sergey Pavlunik as keyboard and Lana Polevnichaya as vocal, guys decided to create project named "Symphonian". Genre of music was determined as Gothic Doom Metal. During Dmitry and Valentine were working on new material for the band, Andrew Porkhun (ex-Imperial, Evulsion of Eternal) wishes to play in the band. In such case, that, Valentine and Andrew played in the same band Imperial, guys decided to organise one place for playing. After all questions about place were done, the band begins to play regularly. Since 2009 year, part of the musicians of the band leave it on personal reasons. Then it was decided to slightly change the style of songs the group. At the same time Dmitry and Andrey record cover on the instrumental song Night `s Dew (Shape Of Despair). After some time playing in the group has a desire to one of the most experienced and technically guitarists Max Prokopchuk (ex-Mortuary, ex-Imperial, Evulsion of Eternal). In august 2009 a bass guitar player Vjacheslav Kuz` (ex-Grotesque ex-Archway, Imperial) known as "Woks" has joined. June 15, 2010, it was decided to add to a group of another musician, he became the bassist Petr Minaylo (Evulsion of Eternal). The reason for this has been the desire to divide the bass and vocals between the two musicians, and thus slightly increase the quality of performance as the vocal and bass. Prior to that, vocal and bass lines in the group studied Slava Kuz` but found the interest of Petr and his desire to play in group graciously gave him a part of their duties. At present time, Symphonian works on new material and and prepare for live shows.

Releases :

Demo tracks (2009)

Tracklist :

1. Beautiful Fades 5:22 
2. Nights Dew (Shape Of Despair Cover) 7:02
3. Last Words (Instrumental) 8:05
4. Forbidden (Promo) 7:52

Total playing time : 28:21

Other Releases :

“Incarnation of Reality” 2011 (Full-length)
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