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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Genre : Symphonic/Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kharkiv
Formed in : 2008
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Yan Sokol'skiy - Drums
Alexander Mahorin - Keyboards
Oksana Element - Female vocals
Dmitry Miroshnichenko - Guitars
Kirill Turkevich - Guitars
Sergey Kushnir - Bass

Biography :

Their story began in late autumn 2006 when Cyrill Turkevich a.k.a. Dementis (guitar) met Yan Sokolsky a.k.a. Atrox (drums) who was accepted as a keyboardist at that time. After writing the first song Yan and Cyrill started searching for the rest of the staff and working out the concept of the band at the same time. Later they found bass-gutarist Sergey Kushnir a.k.a. Shinigami and the other members at last: Alexander Mahorin (keyboards) and the beauty of the band Oksana Element. The band progressed and gave its first concert on 28 of November. Since that time we develop the original Despectus sounding and style, give concerts. In their music Despectus tried to combine technics and speed of death metal, melodiousness of gothic metal and also power and strength of sympho black metal, which is achieved due to the powerful parts of keyboards and drums.

Releases :

“Human Vices” 2010 (Promo) 
 Tracklist :

1. Human Vices 3:56

Total playing time : 3:56


“Human Vices” 2011 (EP)

Tracklist :

1. Awaiting the Day to Die 4:08
2. Angel 4:53
3. Human Vices 3:56
4. Mother's Black 4:12

Total playing time : 17:09


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