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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ex Animo

Genre : Gothic Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kharkiv
Formed in : 2000
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Andrey Lunko - Guitar, Vocals
Victor Kotlyaroff - Guitar
Evgeniy Pavlov - Bass
Julia Zhukova - Vocals

Notes :

Ex Animo started in 2000 in Kharkov, Ukraine as studio project of Victor Kotlyaroff & Andrey Lunko
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Biography :

Ex Animo started in 2000 in Kharkov, Ukraine as studio project of Victor Kotlyaroff (guitar, bass, programing) and Andrey Lunko (guitar, vocals, synths). Inspired by european kind of metal music they began to write own material and decided not to limit their music to any specific style. In 2004 the guys finished the recording of the first album called “Solitary”. The music of album was at the turn of death, doom and gothic metal. In 2005 Ivan Gila (drums) joined the band thereafter it was decided to gather the missing band members to perform live shows. Next year was spend in frequent rehearsals and in searching for bass player and lead vocalist. At the same time band has been working on new songs writing. In autumn 2006 Evgeniy Pavlov joined the band as bass player and lead beer consumer.Almost simultaneously Natasha Konarevskaya was taken to the band as keyboard player. Rehearsals was continued with a new team in a friendly atmosphere band recorded some new demo songs. New material differed of “Solitary” album style and became more melodic. In spring 2007 band meet Anna Belyakova, after audition she became the band lead vocalist. In full staff band began to prepare for the live shows and worked with vocal parts. In October 2007 band performed live show in Kharkov. In january 2008 Anna left Ex Animo. Band started the search of new vocalist and began to work on recording of instrumental part of new songs for the next album. In the end of winter 2008 Julia Zhukova came to the band in the capacity of new Ex Animo vocalist. Over a period of 2008 the band was performing at the concerts and festivals. In the end of November Ivan Gila left Ex Animo. After few months of search for drummer Sergey Makarov joined the band as new drummer. At the same time band was working under new recordings for further EP and recorded two completely new songs with female vocals and new sound. Songs were presented to public in the end of Summer 2009. Unfortunately after many years of cooperation in September 2009 Natasha Konarevskaya and Ex Animo parted their ways. 
A decision was made to use backing tracks with all synths for live gigs to convey the atmosphere of original recordings. 
Now Ex Animo continuing recording of the new material and making preparations for first live shows with new members in December 2009

Releases :


Type : Full-length / Self-released
Release date : 2004

Tracklist :

1. Frozen Thoughts 2:41  
2. Ashen Fields 4:40
3. Claws of The Past 5:05
4. Cemetery of Life 4:37
5. Alone 9:18
6. Night Flower 5:16
7. Nightside of Eden 7:50  
8. Lightless Region 4:44
9. When All Flowers Dissapear 1:51

Total playing time : 46:02

For more information about the album, click here

Size : 41:61 MB


Type : EP / Self-released
Release date : May 2010

Tracklist :

1. Soulglass 8:03  
2. Scream of Silence 7:29  
3. Spring Covered With Snow 5:20

Total playing time : 20:52

For more information about the Ep, click here

Size : 29:83 MB

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