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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hedonistic Exility

Genre : Technical Brutal/Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kiev
Formed in : 2007
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Slash - Vocals
Led - Guitar, Vocals
Butcher - Guitar
Chub - Bass
Tsladimir - Drums

For more information about the band, click here

Biography :

Hedonistic Exility was founded in April 2007 and played its first live show in Kiev in February 2008. The band took aim to considerable increase in complexity of the material paying attention to it’s technical skills and musicality and joining together Eastern, Egyptian and Neoclassical melodies with cacophony and hypertechnicity of modern technical brutal death metal. On 20.08.2010 Hedonistic Exility released it’s debut EP "Deevolutional Stasis", which contains most musically complex and technical material – from ultrafast gravity blasts and insane riffs to punishing breakdowns.

Releases :

“Deevolutional Stasis” 2010 (EP)

Tracklist :

1. Intro 0:31
2. New Delirium 4:28
3. Ashtar (Chaining the Evolution) 3:13
4. Phase I (Izigore Cyber Apocalypse) 1:00
5. Neverending Genocide 4:22
6. Following the Hyskas Horde 3:42

Total playing time : 17:16

For more information about the EP, click here

Released & officially distributed in 2010 by “Eclectic Productions” (Ukr)
Label :
If you like the album, buy it !

“PsychoTransNymphomania” 2011 (Single)

Tracklist :

1. PsychoTransNymphomania 2:59

Total playing time : 2:59


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