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Monday, April 11, 2011


Genre : Black/Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Luhansk
Formed in : 2004
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Vitaly Karavaev - Vocals, Guitar
Evgeny Lysenko - Bass
Dmitry Gerasimov - Drums

Biography :

November 2th, 2004 in the city of Luhansk by Vitaly Karavaev was formed group Torturer. By December 2004 were recruited the first members of the group. Thus in the group appeared Yulia Novikova (bass) and drummer Oleg Novikov. In March 2005, the group begins to record a demo. The group recorded the first cassette a demo-tape on rehearsals which has not been realized. On April, 19th, 2005 the Torturer recorded a demo-single "Wind From The Dark Wood" in the name of one song at studio "Hot Jam Records". In the summer 2005 Vitaly Karavaev recorded individually 4 songs which have not been realized. In October, 2005 the second guitarist Andrey Dorohin has come to group. March 11, 2006 concert took place in the Bike-club "Night Wolves", Luhansk. March 14, 2006 Torturer recorded the second demo "Lie from Dreams" in studio "Hot Jam Records".  In May 2006 the group left Oleg and Julia. The situation is not complicated and in June Torturer begin recording the album "Wind From The Darkwood" in studio "Chimera Records" at the Max Chimera. Chimera same session has helped with the rhythm section (bass, drums). In 2008-2009, the album was partially recorded in the studio "Pure Filth Studio". During this period, in the group comes in guests Lord Sinned (Ungoliantha), later he recorded the bass guitar for the song Outro "The Prophecy ". Song "Lie's from Dreams" and "Wind From The Darkwood", included in the album have been completely redesigned and re-recorded in the studio "Chimera Records". They are completely different from their previous demo versions. In June 2009 the band released the first version of the album (Black-and-white printing, 4-page booklet, printed on disc (Pro-CD-r), 500 copies. (Self-released). By mid-summer of 2009 there are a lot of new stuff. It was decided to record all alone. In August 2009, Vitaly Karavaev starts to record a new album, "Infinity of Illusions" in "13 P.A. Studio" by Dmitry Bastanov, who recorded the drums in sessions for the album. February 16, 2010 debut album "Wind From The Darkwood" was re-released on Ukrainian label "Vacula Productions" on CD (color printing, 8-page booklet with lyrics, 500 copies). In July 2010 recording the album "Infinity Of Illusions" was finished. The group is currently involved in its design and preparation for its release. 
In parallel will be recruited people for live shows in the near future.

Notes :

Vitaly Karavaev is a member of Ungoliantha
For more information about the band, click here

Releases :

“Wind from the Darkwood” 2010 (Full-length)

Tracklist :

1. Intro: Silence Of The Soul 2:11 
2. Lies From Dreams 6:31 
3. Wind From The Darkwood 4:21 
4. The Blood Red Dawn 7:34 
5. Faceless Wolf 7:04 
6. Outro: The Prophecy 3:03

Total playing time : 30:44

For more information about the album, click here

Re-released & officially distributed in February 16th, 2010 on CD by “Vacula Productions” (Ukr)

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