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Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Second Before

Genre : Deathcore/Metalcore
Origin : Ukraine, Donetsk
Formed in : 2009
Official Website :

Line-up :

Ilya Vedun - Vocals
Anton Printsevsky - Guitar
Dmitry Studzinsky - Guitar
Sergey Krava - Bass
Vladislav Studzinsky - Drums

Biography :

The band was created in the beginning of february 2009 by two brothers Vadim (drums) and Dmitry (guitar) Studzinskiy. At first, they've made up their minds about music style they will play, and only then they started their quest for more musicians. The first one to be found, was base player – Ilia Vedun, who, after a while decided that he'd do better singing, so they had to find another musician in his stead. In the beginning they were a simple cover band, playing a lot of well known songs. But, after a while they've discovered a great inner talent to write their own songs. To support this quantum leap into creative realms they had to hire some new musicians, so they invited Anton Printsevsky to be the second guitarist.

Releases :

“Sad Raspada” 2010

1. Sekunda do... / Second before.. 1:18
2. Ostanus' takim je / I'll stay the same 2:45
3. Poslushay serdtse / Listen to heart 2:48
4. Stadiya zerkala / The mirror stage 2:25
5. Grani / Facets 4:06
6. Sad raspada / The Garden Of Collapse 3:32

Total playing time : 16:54

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