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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Repulsive Dissection

Genre : Technical Brutal/Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin : Ukraine, Kiev / Japan / Sweden / United Kingdom (London, England)
Formed in : 2005
Official Website :

 Tom Bradfield - Vocals (England)
Yura Kowalchuk - Guitars (Ukraine)
Victor Prokofjevs - Bass (Japan)
Fredrik Widigs - Drums/Percussion, Drum Programming (Sweden)

Although the project is based in Ukraine, only Yura resides in Ukraine. 
Victor lives in Japan and is originally Latvian, Fredrik is Swedish, and Tom is from England.
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Biography :

REPULSIVE DISSECTION is a brutal technical death metal band formed in the autumn of 2005 by ukrainian guitarist Yura Kowalchuk (by many known as the one of the most skilled guitar tabbers in death metal) and swedish drummer Fredrik Widigs. The project started out as tabbing cooperation between Yura and Fredrik called BRUTAL FORCE. 
After some time the crew went one step further and started working on their own material - though intentionally the material was meant to be played by Yura's band INTOXICATED. But the first song, "Human Contempt", 
turned out so well Yura decided to use it for REPULSIVE DISSECTION.

REPULSIVE DISSECTION is by no means an ordinary band, since the members are spread all over the world. Guitarist Yura is from Ukraine, drummer Fredrik lives in Sweden and bassist Viktor Prokofjevs (ex-BLUDGEON) is currently residing in Japan. The newest addition the brutal technical squad is vocalist Tom Bradfield (TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE, co-owner of Grindethic Records). Each instrument will be recorded separately and thereafter put together over the Internet. The first tracks will be ready in the spring of 2006.

The tracks are very demanding in both speed and complexity, with influences from brutal bands such as DEEDS OF FLESH, VILE, DISAVOWED, SEVERED SAVIOR, PYAEMIA, DECREPIT BIRTH, ODIOUS MORTEM and many more. 
The aim is to create technical and brutal death metal, pushing all limits in speed, complexity and sheer brutality.

Releases :

Promo 2007 (Demo)

1. Genetically Deranged 3:29 
2. Distorted Existence 4:01 
3. Human Contempt 2:16 
Total playing time : 9:46

For more information about the demo, click here

Released & officially distributed in 2007 by “Grindethic Records” (U.K)
You can order this album directly from the label here

 “Murder-Suicide” 2008 (EP)

1. Genetically Deranged 3:29 
2. Distorted Existence 4:01 
3. Human Content 2:15 
4. Decimate 2:29 
Total playing time : 12:14

For more information about the EP, click here

Released in 2008 at “Imbecil Entertainment Records” (Ukr)
Please visit “Imbecil Entertainment Records” official myspace here

 “Cut Open the Aberration” 2009 (Full-length)

1. Decimate 2:46 
2. Mercurial Sentience 2:57 
3. Septicemia 3:59 
4. Genetically Deranged 3:28 
5. Unjust Calumniation 3:37 
6. Human Contempt 2:16 
7. Self Cage 3:44 
8. Distorted Existence 4:06 
9. Swarmpit 3:48 
10. Necessary Bloodshield 3:27 
11. Martyrdom 3:16 
Total playing time : 37:28

 For more information about the album, click here

Released in 2009 at “Sevared Records” (USA)
You can buy this album directly from the label here

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