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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine (Berezne, Rivne)
Formed in : 2006
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

BOB - Vocals
ROMAN - Guitar
Vitek - Guitar
IVAN - Bass
GENRY - Drums

Biography :

The history of the band started in 2006 . BLOOD EXPECTORATION was created by some local persons : Roma - guitar , Sam - bass , Bob - vocals .The band organized rehearsals almost every day . It was oriented on Death Metal . During those years the 30 minutes concert program was created by the group . First performance took place on May 9 , 2007 in the local club " Zebra " . It was highly appre ciated by the audience . And they moved on …Other portion of bleeding was concert in Rivne ( cinema " Veresnevyi " with some local bands and concerts in their native town - Berezne . Then it was a year pause in the concert activity . BLOOD EXPECTORATION organized rehearsals , experimented with guitars and changed some rehearsals bases . Musical program became more technical and rapid . First performance of BLOOD EXPECTORATION with its new program took place at the festival " Detonation " in Kostopil where the band took the third place among 15 participants and performed at the gala - concert . It was interesting to mention that BLOOD EXPECTORATION played without its bass - player . BLOOD EXPECTORATION was invited to take part in the festival " Extremal Blast 2 " on November 9 , 2008 . It took place in Rivne . In the spring 2009 in the period of blooming flowers , trees , grass and unleashed happiness of all living beings bass - player of the band , Sam deicided to guit BLOOD EXPECTORATION . The reason was his personal ideas and plans for future . But BLOOD EXPECTORATION accepted that situation without victims and violence . After that the vacancy of guitar - player was occupied by Vitek , young and talented musician . In autumn 2009 the membership of the band was added by young , perspective bass - player - Ivan Fedorov . He entered the group without any pain and difficulty . He contributed positively to the band music and made it more brutal , technical and powerful . At the moment the band BLOOD EXPECTORATION organized rehearsals and search for new compositional structures …

Releases :

1. Bloody Reaping 2:14
2. Golden Dust 2:32

Total playing time : 4:46


Source :

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