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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashion Time

Genre : Modern Rock/Industrial Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Rivne
Formed in : 1999
Status : Unknown

Line-up :

Yuriy Babeshko - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Alexander Andruschenko - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Notes :

Yuriy Babeshko was a member of “Viviparous Viscera” & “Temptation”
Alexander Andruschenko was a member of “Viviparous Viscera” & “Odium”
 For more information about the band, click here

Biography :

Group Fashion Time grows from two Ukrainian groups Odium and Temptation. The place of guitarist/vocalist of Odium in 1993-1994 was occupied by Alexander Andruschenko. Yuri Babeshko was a member of another Rivne group Temptation (1995-1999). Odium existed not for a long time and 16-year teenagers dispersed diverse ways. Result of their common work was an only never published demo. In 1994 they created a new group Viviparous Vescera consisting of Odium's remainders and oriented on grind-core. Then the place of vocalist was occupied by Yuri Babeshko who made his debut in this role rather good. Yuri was noticed by the musicians from Temptation, and in 1995 Yuri comes into this group. Viviparous Vescera ceased to exist (so as Temptation did later on). The result of the common work of Yuri and Temptation was studio album Land Of Promise, produced on Ukrainian label Western Thunder and a live tape in Mukachevo (Moon Records). At the same time Alex and Yuri continue to co-operate but already not within the grind-core. At the end of 90s they begin to work with new material. According to their plans the studio album was to be ready in 2001, but because of frequent staff changing the work was postponed. In 2004 Fashion Time decided to record the material together. Alex took guitars and bass, Yuri remained vocalist, and they had shared drums. Besides two invited girls-vocalists had taken part in recording. As the result they had made a sound-recording of 10 tracks during 2000-2004. At the time the group is seeking a label to issue its first album Taste Of Victory. At the same time they're working on bassist and drummer choosing. Alex and Yuri continue a productive work and 7 tracks have been already recorded for the next album by today.

Releases :

“Taste of Victory” 2005 (EP)

1. Journey 4:57
2. Life is out 3:23
3. Taste of Victory 5:03
4. SacrificE 5:48
5. In Empty Room 4:56

Total playing time : 24:07

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