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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Genre : Old school Thrash/Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kharkiv / Middle East
Formed in : 2006
Official Website :

Ibby Kisswany - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar (Palestine)
Vadim Penchuk - Lead Guitar (Ukraine)
Dmitry Kormyshov - Bass Guitar (Ukraine)
Tarek Houjairy - Drums (Lebanon)

An exciting and energetic old school thrash/death metal international band from middle east and Ukraine, was formed in 20.10.2006. when the ambitious musician Ibrahim (Ibby) moved to Kharkov city in Ukraine. This four-member band established a solid base with their wide selection of cover material as well as an ever-growing repertoire of original songs...The band draws on a wide range of musical influences and exhibits quality performance spanning a broad spectrum of musical styles ranging through the 80's & 90's thrash/death metal...Corrupted System’ first demo, recorded in Kharkov, was released in 2010. The five-song demo featured some fine examples of the band’s powerful original material, which take some time before they get noticed by the local media. But With powerful lyrics that approach about current contemporary issues and catastrophes, THRAIKILL prove that they can deliver both in the studio and on stage. You can catch them live on a regular basis at several clubs around Kharkov.

1. Waging War 2:52

Total playing time : 2:52

“Holocaust of Peace” (live)

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