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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra

Genre : Dark Ambient/Black Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kharkiv 
Formed in : 1994
Status : Split-up
Unofficial Website :

Line-up :

Knjaz Varggoth - Everything

Notes :

Side project of Nokturnal Mortum leader Knjaz Varggoth..
For more information about the band, click here

Releases :

“The Key to the Gates of the Apocalypse”

Type : Full-length / The End Records
Release date : June 3rd, 1999

Tracklist :

1.    The Key to the Gates of the Apocalypse 01:12:05

Total playing time : 01:12:05

For more information about the album, click here

Size : 98:5 MB 

Recorded in Autumn '98 at the Beat Studio.
Released on MC & officially distributed in 1999 by “Oriana Production” (Ukraine)
Released on CD in June 3rd, 1999 at “The End Records” (USA)

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