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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Genre : Brutal Death Metal
Origin : Ukraine, Kiev
Formed in : 2002
Status : Active
Official Website :

Line-up :

Vitaliy Drozdov - Vocals
Vladislav Shekmar - Guitar
Yurij Kowalchuk - Guitar
Lev Kurgansky - Drums
Max Gopkalo - Bass

Notes :

Originally formed during 2002, the project only lasted a few months before disbanding.
Lev Kurgansky reformed the band with a new lineup in the summer of 2008.
For more information about the band, click here

Biography :

Ezophagothomia originated in 2002 as brutal death metal formation consisted of Lev Kurgansky, Ivan 'Palach' Kyptiliy, Nicolay Golik( R.I.P.) The band lasted few months and then split up. In summer 2008 drummer Lev Kurgansky reformed the band with new line up: Aleksandr Mayevsky(bass), Stas Cherkas(guitar), Vitaliy Drozdov(vocal). After first month of rehearsals Stas Cherkas left band to join Parennial Quest and Vladislav Shekmar took his place. First self-released demo "Ezophagothomical Invasion" was recorded in July 2009. In october bassplayer Alexsandr quit band and Maksim Gopkalo (ex- Jig-saw Bowels) join. With this fresh line up band preparing new songs now...

Releases :

“Ezophagothomical Invasion” 2009 (Demo)

Pro CD-R limited to 500 copies.

Re-issued in September 2010 by “Redrum666” (Pol)

Tracklist :

1. Estetic Disfigurement (Intro) 0:26 
2. Rupture in the Scarps 5:02 
3. Ezophagothomical Invasion 7:41 
4. Zombiefied and Enslavement 7:24 
5. The Last Condemned (Outro) 2:09

Total playing time : 22:42

For more information about the demo, click here

“Instinct of Inhuman Devourment” 2011 (Full-length)

Tracklist :

1. The Cell of Sickness (Intro) 0:42 
2. Instinct of Inhuman Devourment 5:00 
3. Petrified in Ancients Megaliths 3:28 
4. Hiding Under Disfigured Surface 5:23 
5. When Earth Will Be Tired of Us 5:16 
6. The Way to Interminable Horror 0:58 
7. Rejoice in Moribund (Mortal Decay cover) 4:55
8. Parasitic Vivisection 4:31 
9. The Sources of Furious Mass Madness (Outro) 0:50

Total playing time : 31:03

For more information about the album, click here

Released & officially distributed in 2011 by “Inherited Suffering Records” (Rus)
If you like the album, buy it !

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